About Us

In early 2007, Paris Terroirs founder, Dominique Tissier, decided that he wanted a space, where he could share his love and appreciation of organic, fine wine with friends and family. After years working with large vineyards and commercial wine boutiques, Dominique was in need of something a little more real, a little more him. He wanted to return to the values that originally brought him into the wine business – an appreciation for all-natural, organic, delicious wine, that everyone could enjoy, regardless of budget. Thus in 2008, Paris Terroirs was born.

In French, “Terroirs” means from the soil, it hearkens back to the traditional agricultural history of winemaking. To Dominique, the name “Paris Terroirs” seemed to encompass everything he  wanted the boutique to become:  a meeting place of the city and the countryside.

Paris Terroirs first opened its doors in the 11th arrondissement of Paris to crowds of wine lovers and bargain hunters, alike. One year later, Paris Terroirs was joined by another boutique in the student-run district of the 5th arrondissement. For three years, Dominique has continued to bring quality organic wine at affordable prices to both Parisians and Paris’ passing by visitors.

Like the boutiques, this website hopes to serve as a space of exchange for the appreciation and love of wine.



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